feel for smb

feel for smb
сочу́вствовать кому-л.

The Americanisms. English-Russian dictionary.. 2014.

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  • feel for — (from Idioms in Speech) (smb) to sympathize with Oh, thank you much, Mr. Grump, I know you would feel for us in our trouble. (R. Aldington) He remained absurd, but the sincerity of his passion excited one s sympathy. I could understand how his… …   Idioms and examples

  • feel — I n. (colloq.) to have a (good) feel for II v. 1) ( to believe ) to feel keenly, strongly 2) (D; intr.) ( to have an opinion ) to feel about (how do you feel about this problem?) 3) (d; intr.) ( to grope ) to feel (around) for (he felt in his… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • sympathy — n. 1) to arouse, stir up sympathy for 2) to capture; command sympathy 3) to express; feel, have sympathy for 4) to display, show sympathy for 5) to lavish sympathy on 6) to accept smb. s sympathy 7) deep, deepest, great, heartfelt, profound,… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • affection — n. 1) to demonstrate, display, show; return affection 2) to feel affection 3) to gain, win smb. s affection (she won the children s affection) 4) deep, strong, warm affection 5) affection for (to feel affection for smb.) * * * [ə fekʃ(ə)n]… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • hat — n. 1) to doff; don; tip a hat 2) a cardinal s; fur; straw; ten gallon; top hat 3) (misc.) to pass the hat ( to collect money ); to take one s hat off to ( to congratulate smb. ); to talk through one s hat ( to say foolish things ); to throw one s …   Combinatory dictionary

  • scorn — I n. 1) to express; feel scorn 2) to heap scorn on 3) scorn for (to feel scorn for smb.) II v. (formal) 1) (BE) (E) she scorns to compromise 2) (G) she scorns compromising * * * [skɔːn] feelscorn (G) she scorns compromising …   Combinatory dictionary

  • anxiety — n. 1) to feel anxiety 2) to relieve one s anxiety 3) deep, grave, great, high anxiety 4) anxiety about; for (anxiety for smb. s safety) 5) anxiety to + inf. (in his anxiety not to offend them, he agreed to concessions) 6) in anxiety (see 5) * * * …   Combinatory dictionary

  • Portfolio.com — For the defunct art magazine, see: Portfolio, The Magazine of the Visual Arts Portfolio.com URL http://www.portfolio.com Type of site business news Available language(s) English Owner American City Business Jou …   Wikipedia

  • pressure — I n. 1) to exert, place, put pressure on smb. 2) to bring pressure to bear on smb. 3) to build up, increase (the) pressure 4) to feel pressure 5) to ease, relieve (the) pressure 6) to face; resist pressure (to resist pressure from extremist… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • touch — I n. social contact 1) to get; keep, stay in touch 2) to lose touch with 3) close touch 4) in touch with smb. (keep in close touch with me) 5) out of touch with (I am out of touch with the present situation) feel 6) to the touch (smooth to the… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • shame — I n. 1) to bring shame on, to, upon 2) to feel shame at (they felt shame at accepting bribes) 3) (colloq.) an awful, crying, dirty shame 4) a shame to + inf. (it s a shame to waste so much time = it s a shame wasting so much time) 5) a shame that …   Combinatory dictionary

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